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"Naples is fascinating because each and every piece, fragment, or specimen reflects the present, the past and the future. One shouldn't be talking of a single Naples, but of many cities in one."

Domenico Rea, Visite Privée, Chêne, 1991.


pulcinelle figurines eating pizza

Kingdom of pizza

Pizzas scorched by the Vesuvius. Church domes puffing out like wedding cakes. Cherubs of a sugary porcelain skin: the spirit of food permeates every layer of this city.

Battle of spirits

Whether in churches or on graffiti walls, Naples, land of superstition, worships good spirits to fend off evil. From San Gennaro to Maradona, their Saints are made of flesh and blood.

Jungle town

“Red lights are dangerous, only if you respect them,” wrote a connoisseur of Naples. As the driver was creeping into the city’s urban jungle, I gripped the door handle with all my force…

Under the balcony

The life of the Neapolitans takes place outside: at their balconies as they’re hanging laundry; around a house door always left open; on a string of chairs lined up on the street. The entire city is their home.


Saint Paul's dome reflection on a window
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