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Travel writer Henry Miller writing.

Henry Miller wrote some of the most perceptive remarks about Greece, as well as some very provocative descriptions of his life in Paris. Credits: unknown. Source: Taringa.

About Citimarks

What does London’s architecture reveal about the character of the locals? What made Alexander Dumas write about the jungle of Neapolitan streets? What is so special about the Greek sunlight? Where is the Paris of seducers, collectors, or coffee lovers?

From Lord Byron to Ernest Hemingway and from Chateaubriand to Virginia Woolf, countless are the writers who traveled the world to discover different cultures. Citimarks selects travel notes and stories that portray timeless trademarks of the city: landscapes, customs and cultures which, having passed from generation to generation, became part of a city’s distinctive hallmarks.

By recounting anecdotal stories and buried city pasts, we invite travelers to discover popular destinations with a fresh pair of eyes, and gain a deeper understanding of a city’s history, culture, and people.

While Citinotes articles dig into the city’s past, the Interviews return the visitor to the 21st century. Musicians, writers, filmmakers and other creative talents talk about their love affairs with their cities: they share memories from places they lived, draw city portraits and take us to a journey through their most inspiring spots -neighborhoods, museums, markets, and restaurants- beyond tourist circuits.

About the author

Citimarks is the imprint of my experiences as a traveler and researcher. Fifteen years ago, I moved to Paris to pursue studies in international politics. From there, I paced up and down Europe to explore its cultural treasures. Venice, Rome and Naples, three cities with legendary histories and outstanding architectures, became a second home.

Early on in my journeys, I grew curious to find-out how geopolitics, immigration, and trade propelled the artistic creation in each city; how they defined their urban development and formed local customs and lifestyles. Studying history of arts at the École du Louvre helped me to connect the dots between economy, religion and culture. In addition to that research, travel literature brought to light anecdotal city stories and insightful remarks that impress with how relevant they still are, and how much they reveal about the true soul of a place and its people.

What started as a solitary trip is now joined by talented residents who are kind enough to share their own city stories and addresses with Citimarks. I cannot be grateful enough for their precious contribution to this project. Special thanks are also due to our web creators at Nowhere Studio and our partner in editing, the writer Andriana Sakka, for helping us put the pieces of this guide together, in the best possible way.

By discovering new places, travelers have the unique opportunity of a journey to their inner self. We hope that the city portraits of this guide add fuel for every exploration along the way. And let us all keep traveling.

Dimi Michailidi

All photos are taken by Citimarks unless otherwise noted. Credits are given to the respective authors. No copyright infringement is intended.