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"The charm of modern London is that it is not built to last; it is built to pass. [...] It is an impulse that makes for creation and fertility."

Virginia Woolf, The London Scene in Good Housekeeping, 1931.


young ladies sitting on the park

The cult of nature

Albert Camus named London the “city of gardens.” Amidst its ever-evolving cityscape, London’s magnificent parks remain timeless landmarks, shaping local culture and lifestyle.

Ladies & Gentlemen

What makes a gentleman? Is it his impeccable tweeds and composed talk? No, sir; it’s not just about the words he uses but how steadfastly he stands by them. A gentleman is a man of honor.

Babylon City

Crowds rushing like a cavalry on attack; a city pulsating to the heartbeat of the universe: Welcome to London, the modern Babylon of the world.


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