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“Venice! Is there a city more admired, more celebrated, more sung by poets, more desired by lovers, more visited and more illustrious?"

Guy de Maupassant, Venise, Gil Blas, May 5 1885.

Ave Serenissima!


Carnival life

When the Austrian troops invaded Venice they discovered a city joyfully drowning in alcohol, lust and feasts. Under the anonymity of the mask, everything was permitted.

The Doge’s ring

Venice’s architecture is an extravagant mix of Oriental Gothic. Explore an endless mosaic of fabulous palaces and museums: every piece of them unravels the city’s glorious past.

The merchant of Venice

Is it possible to turn salt into gold? Rugs into silk? Pebbles into pearls? Thanks to their mercantile spirit, Venetians tapped into wood and salt to rule the world trade for over six centuries.

Water boulevard

In the beginning there was only mud and water. On such unstable grounds, Venice managed to set the foundations of a commercial Empire the world had never seen before. What was this miracle made of?

Dreamy and mysterious

When darkness falls, Venice breathes the air of a charming mystery. Take an evening boat ride, or walk through its dim alleys to feel the city’s underground force drawing you into reverie.

Saint Paul's dome reflection on a window
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