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Greek Islands

"Here the light penetrates directly to the soul, opens the doors and windows of the heart, makes one naked [...] in a metaphysical bliss which makes everything clear without being known."

Henry Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi, Colt Press, 1941.

Α kingdom of sensations


High Society

In the early 20th century, Syros thrived as a bustling metropolis, its bourgeoisie embracing a cosmopolitan lifestyle at private clubs, opera theaters, and grand balls. Today, its elegance remains a beacon in the Aegean.

Paradise on earth

With lush vegetation, exotic gardens, and cypress-covered mountains meeting turquoise waters, Corfu invites us to a paradise on Earth.

Manchester of the Aegean

At the Syros shipyard, Greece experienced a rebirth from its ashes. A few merchants turned the island into the premier commercial and industrial hub of the Eastern Mediterranean-a Manchester of the south.

Nobles and popolo

Midway between Italy and Greece, the Corfiots recall their noble grandparents strolling on Sunday mornings along marble pavements with Venetian parasols and monocles, whistling Verdi arias.

A town of roommates

In the Kantoùnia, the alleys of Corfu town, locals live like roommates. They’ve learned to share everything: laundry ropes, lunch, and even sorrows.

Cosmopolitan Queen

In Syros, a major commercial hub in Europe, people adorned themselves in English tweeds, seasoned their meals with Indian spices, and indulged in gelatos at French-style cafés.


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