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French Riviera

“Nice appears to me like a beautiful courtesan, lying softly on the edge of her azure mirror, under the shade of her blooming orange trees, with her long hair let free in the breeze of the sea, with waves coming to wet her bare feet.”

Alexandre Dumas, Une Année à Florence, Dumont, 1841.


Portrait of Queen Victoria

Crème de la crème

Yacht cruises and tennis clubs, champagne and caviar, ladies covered in diamonds more blinding than the sun of the Riviera. How could all that glamour fit into such a small strip of land?

Altar of seduction

For over a century now, the French Coast has been synonymous to luxury, beauty and frivolity: a gleaming church of lust where the more one sins, the shorter the way to paradise.

Matisse’s garden

Gleaming between golden sunrays and purple sunsets; blue horizons and green gardens; red peonies and ocher houses, the most cheerful of the Rivieras is a restless rainbow of colors.

Niçoise salad

They brim with colors, scents, textures and voices. At the crossroads of ancient trade routes, the food markets of the French Riviera bring the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle to your table.

Carrousel Arc, Paris
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