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“It is the hermaphrodite island, a collision of mountains and sea, where opposites thrive and every political ideology and sexual preference finds a place.”

Ausilia Veneruso, Smithsonian Magazine, 2011.

Exclusive balconies for elegant suicides


Land of Villas

From Roman Emperors to American pop stars, Capri has seen countless glamorous visitors become residents. The Capriot villas recount their extraordinary life stories.

Scandalous Glamour

Since Roman times, Capri has been renowned as a haven for the wealthy to indulge in extravagant desires. Explore the island’s scandalous glamour and unleash your wildest whims!

Of cliffs and flowers

Rich in steep verdant cliffs, pine forests, lush gardens, sparkling turquoise waters, and sapphire-blue caves, Capri epitomizes the concept of a beauty so dramatic it mesmerizes the senses.

Procida, a sun-kissed gem

Formed by the eruptions of four volcanoes, Procida Island in the Bay of Naples is a stunning, multicolored haven for fishermen, offering an ideal retreat for writers and romantic travelers.

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